The Key To Authentic Natural Living

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What is the key to natural living? Where do you begin? How do you decide what is best?

The internet is filled with blogs dedicated to natural, organic living. We have endless resources for discovering new recipes, supplements, techniques and experts to give us ideas for better living. Pure Home and Body is the place where you’ll not only find many of those methods that have stood the test of time, but where you will discover what really works for you. I am committed to empowering you to find the best authentic strategies that will fit into your life. As you’re navigating resources, here are some considerations that can help you process the information and make the most of your time and money:

Make Authentic Choices

  1. Where is the information coming from? What is the background of the “expert” you are learning from? While there aren’t clear cut definitions of all the work these professional do, these are their general areas of expertise: Chiropractors will lead you to align your spine for better wellness, Massage therapists will indicate massage for better health, Medical doctors will prescribe pharmaceuticals to deal with symptoms, Pshycotherapists will focus on your emotions and behavior. When you read information from the context of where it is coming from and who is promoting it, you’ll have a clearer insight into how that may or may not apply to your personal situation.
  2. Are these choices I can make or do they require lifestyle change? Example: Should I eat organic foods? This is a choice you can make that won’t require a big lifestyle change other than possibly visiting a different store or going to the local farmer’s market. Another healthy choice may be, I’d like to exercise more and start riding my bike to work. This change is more of a Lifestyle change that will disrupt our status quo and take more effort to integrate into our lives.
  3. Can I afford this? Can I afford not to do this? The healthy living market is just as saturated with endless options for expending our hard earned dollars as the pharmaceutical industry. These questions call us to look at balancing the benefits versus the costs, which are not always clear in the short term. Research and recommendations from reputable sources can help you find what may be best for you. Check your facts, don’t be pressured in any situation to purchase something immediately. If someone is trying to sell you a $500 set of essential oils and you’ve never explored aromatherapy, this is probably not a wise use of your resources, unless you are ready to jump all in and will be getting great product support.

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information we have to make healthy choices?

It can be easy to put our trust in online resources if we don’t know any other way. One key factor that many are missing is self-awareness. There are a lot of good products on the market, but there are also some dangerous ones if they aren’t used properly. Each of us is perfectly unique with our own distinctive DNA. Yes, there are some commonalities, but only you know your body the best. Building self-awareness will give you authentic confidence to find the healthy choices and lifestyle options that really fit for you. If you’re not used to tuning in to your body, your physical body, emotions and spiritual self, it can feel awkward to begin. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of just dealing with symptoms and not exploring our health and well-being at a deeper level.

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