There are many diffusers on the market.  It is important to use a diffuser that is made specifically for essential oils or the therapeutic properties may be compromised.  Essential oils cannot be heated too high or the chemical structure changes and can actually form toxins that become airborne.   There are many companies that now offer several types of diffusers with different features to meet your needs. 

The Aria diffuser is one of the newest diffusers. This piece is not only beautiful, but functional as well. The Aria diffuser has a solid hardwood maple base and glass dome top. This is an ultrasonic diffuser combining essential oils with a light mist of water to infuse your air with oils. This diffuser also has a built in music system that is compatible with most MP3 players or you can play the music included with this unit offering 12 minutes of relaxing music. The remote control is also accented with hardwood and can adjust the music and diffusion rate.

The Home diffuser is a compact unit in light gray that complements most decor. This unit disperses essential oils with a fine mist of water. The lights on the unit gently change color as it operates for a soft light. Diffusers dispersing oils with water are a gently way to diffuse oils around children, pets and those with sensitive respiratory systems.

cold mist diffuser with a glass nebulizer top. This unit diffuses oil without water which turns the oil into micro-sized particles that enter the air quickly for immediate therapeutic benefits. This is an ideal diffuser as  the TheraPro for diffusing oils after flooding or water damage in your home. These cold mist diffusers distribute oils into the air quickly and efficiently. It is best to diffuse stronger oils like cinnamon, clove and rosemary when a room is vacant.

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