Simple Gratitude, The Wool Blanket

Gratitude crosses all cultural barriers, race relations, age, gender and religious contexts.

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It can enter every season of life no matter what circumstances are present.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey wreaking destruction throughout Texas, I’m reminded again of the power of gratitude to connect us as living, loving beings.

We often think of gratitude in the eyes of the receiver, but giving to others, reaching out and helping someone nurtures our gratitude for real connections.

Gratitude for being able to use our lives for good.
Gratitude to be a vessel for pouring out love to someone in need.

We can always hold onto gratitude for something.
Gratitude connects us when everything around us has been destroyed.
Gratitude gives us hope in the moments of helplessness.
A glass of clean water.
Dry clothes.
A bed to sleep on, a warm blanket.
The embrace of a caring person.
The prayers of a friend.
Gratitude is the real reminder that our mind is alive and we are truly connected with others.

Gratitude, thankfulness, community

In three weeks I’ll be publishing my book, Two Inches of Wool. It’s the Simple Art of Self-Care, packed with gems of simple choices we can make every day that can have a big impact on our life, to connect at a deeper level with ourselves so we can make more authentic connections with others in our life. Simple ways to share that same care we give ourselves to someone else in need. Care, love, share. Simple steps to making authentic change and building meaningful relationships with others. When we care for ourselves in mind, body and spirit, we’re in a better place to care for others.

Join me in discovering the best you can be so we can all multiply the goodness wherever we are and create genuine communities.

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