Organic Yoga Clothing Supports Ethical Farming and Local Communities

Today is Veteran’s Day and each year I feel inadequate in showing my gratitude to those who have served our country for all they have done and continue to do to keep our country Great. As an average citizen, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day busy-ness that in the long run really doesn’t matter. At Pure Home and Body I haven’t been writing as many articles as I used to, partly because I don’t want to just fill my pages with busy-information. I want what I do to matter in a big way. Organic Cotton USA

The articles that I choose to write are super important to me and I want to add value to your life. I know people’s lives are busy and I thank you for stopping by to visit. When you visit Pure Home and Body, I want you to be inspired to not only Green Living, but Better Living for you, your family, community and our country.

Our country will remain Great when we all work together to make the best choices for commerce, communities and relationships. I think America has had some bumps in the road as more manufacturers have cut corners to save money, compromised quality and is using more chemicals than ever to produce consumer goods. The solution isn’t to just send the problems overseas where we pollute other countries to produce the goods we demand.

That’s why it’s so important that we make the best choices when we shop. Just as my gratitude grows each year for those who have sacrificed their lives to protect our country, I see my role more clearly as the average citizen to support businesses that will protect our environment and keep our world safe. Everytime we shop, we vote with our dollar. Are your shopping choices reflecting your values? It’s easy to just ignore it or not think about it. I use paper towels. I know it’s not the best for the environment, but it’s a convenience in my life that I’ve gotten lazy about. And I’m not happy about it. Not enough to change, yet. I have cut down on it a bit but I’m a creature of habit, just like you. We need to hold each other accountable and make it easier to find the options that are supporting a healthy planet.

This article is about a company I discovered a few weeks ago. The company has significance in my life for a couple of reasons. First, it produces organic cotton yoga clothing that is having a positive impact on the local communities who are growing the fibers. It’s easy as a consumer to lose sight of what actually goes into producing the goods we buy. We only see the end product and often don’t give a second thought to how the manufacturing of each item can have a positive or negative impact on our world.

Cotton is one of the most highly sprayed crops of pesticides, in the end about 1/3 the weight of the shirt is the amount of chemicals used to produce it. Aside from chemical residue on the shirt, every person who has come in contact with that shirt has had chemical exposure, the agricultural farmers & communities the most affected, followed by the manufacturerer and any end retailers and finally us the consumers. So I could go on and on about the dangers, we know it, it’s not good.

The second reason this company is significant to me is the day I received a gift package (weeks earlier than expected) was the day I realized I would be going to India for a mission’s trip in February. It might seem like a fluke but for me it was confirmation that I was making the right choice.  I will be going with my daughter and a few other people. We are going to a city in the Northeast corner of India to worship with children and encourage a ministry that is raising orphans and supporting street children at local drop-in centers where they can receive a meal and some love. 

Organic Cotton Yoga Clothing

I’m going to INDIA!


Proyog, packaged with care

I love that it was packaged with care, tissue and stickers, not just a plastic bag in a box.

So here they are, Proyog clothing. Their philosophy is to “produce yoga clothing for serious yoga practitioners, meant to enhance their practice”. I love the Vriksh organic cotton yoga pants I received. I got a size XS and I normally wear a 0 in Prana & Athleta casual pants, XS in Prana yoga clothing and sometimes an XXS in Athleta yoga pants depending on the cut. The pants fit beautifully and are a substantial cotton. I’ve gotten Organic cotton leggings and casual pants from other companies but I have never found a yoga/workout pant that was this good of quality. They felt good when I bent, stretched and threw myself into Natarajasana (Dancer’s Pose). I’ve worn them a couple weeks now and they have not stretched out in funny places. There is just enough lycra to give it substance.

Proyog foldover pant

The substantial Vriksh organic cotton yoga pant has a nice quality logo on the fold-over waistband.

ProYog organic Cotton

Gaiam Meditation Banner

I also got the Trikon organic cotton tunic (which will probably go with me on the plane to India 🙂 ). The cotton is a thinner weight that will be great for layering. I got the XS which definitely has a relaxed cut. It’s perfect over a yoga top (that is on my wish list from Proyog) before and after class. Their yoga tops look like they are just as high quality organic cotton lycra as the pants giving it good support for those with a fuller bust. The tunic had some pretty seaming on it to give it a unique flair.

ProYog organic cotton clothing

Trikon Tunic has a relaxed fit in a super soft organic cotton for those with the most sensitive of skin





ProYog Trikon Hi-Lo Hem Tunic in Organic Cotton with pretty stitching detail and quality neckline.

Proyog Trikon Hi-Lo Hem Tunic in Organic Cotton with pretty stitching detail and quality neckline.

Do you think much about where your clothing comes from? My college education is in Textiles so I pay attention to fibers and origin of manufacture of goods I buy. As consumers, we can only make things better when we ask manufacturers to honor our environment. Some companies are beginning to turn around, with many starting to replace additives and colorings in packaged foods. Things can only get better when that philosophy spreads to clothing and consumer goods. Organic farming: good for people and the planet. For now, we have another win and another option for Organic Clothing, Proyog.

Have you bought organic clothing? If so, list where you buy yours in the comments below! I love to share things that are good for all of us. BTW, this article is not a paid advertisement, I just wrote it because I wanted to share a Good Thing with you and spread the word about new companies that are doing things right ;).


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