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synthetic fragrance disrupts hormones

Best Body Care Products To Disrupt Hormones and Contribute to Thyroid Imbalance

This past summer my husband received some product samples when he participated in a triathlon.   My first instinct with any new body care  product I see is to look at the ingredients, just as if I was shopping for foods, and frankly I was shocked to find questionable ingredients in this body care product. Most […]

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most powerful essential oils

Essential Oils Powerful Against Listeria Bacteria

The government is determined to protect Americans from food borne illness.  Yet, despite the FDA’s efforts to monitor and improve the processing of the public food supply, we continue to experience outbreaks of bacteria on fresh and processed foods.  Antibiotic resistant bacteria are on the rise, and there continues to be food contamination in unexpected […]

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Paleo bars, healthy and nutritious

Paleo No-Bake Pumpkin Seed Caramel Bars

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   When we travel, I make sure to pack healthy snacks for the road so we are less likely to dine and snack on roadside fast food. Nuts and seeds are great energy food and portable. I made these easy, nutrient packed bars while on vacation. I brought all the […]

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pure therapeutic grade cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum verum) is from the Lauraceae (laurel) botanical family.  The essential oil is steam distilled from the bark of the tree.  Cinnamon is reputed to be part of the “Marseilles Vinegar” or  used by grave robbing bandits during the 15th century Plague to protect themselves.    Ancient Oil Cinnamon bark oil has been […]

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