Sea Salt for Natural home and body care

We have become a sugar-free, fat-free and salt-free country.  But did you know that the production and consumption of Monosodium Glutamate continues to go up every year in the United States?  Also known as MSG, this manufactured sodium is found in more foods than ever including chips, soups, salad dressings (almost every kind of ranch except Newman’s Ranch Dressing) and almost every processed or packaged food.  The side effects have been known for years, reactions ranging from allergic responses like asthma attacks to headaches, nausea, burning sensations at the neck/face/throat and rapid heartbeat to name a few.  I myself am allergic to msg, but what really convicted me to watch out for my kid’s consumption was research showing possible damage to the pituitary gland.  This important gland controls hormones in the body – once this organ is damaged there is no way to repair it.  MSG is in many kid-friendly foods -look for it and you’ll be surprised at where it is.  Anything flavored with “sour cream and onion” has it, most store bought, refrigerated dips have it, and pretty much every bag of flavored chips has it.  Honestly, with all the potential side effects this product can cause I’m surprised more people don’t know more about it.   Many people will say they are not bothered by consuming it, but I encourage you to start noting how you feel after you eat any foods – There is even research showing MSG can contribute to obesity because it causes cravings for other foods and may also affect insulin levels.

I think salt has been given a bad reputation while MSG has been slipped into all our foods.  Real salt as nature intended is something our bodies need.  Iodized salt and white salt has been made for manufacturer usage – big industries who need salt for their chemical reactions – not for consumption. Iodized salt has been bleached and diluted with chemical anti-caking agents.   Salt normally has many minerals in it that benefit the body, white salt has been stripped of all it’s nutrients leaving just the flavoring.

I use Celtic Sea Salt which is harvested in France and contains all the nutrients in it nature intended.  It is a beautiful light gray color because of all the minerals.  White salt is like white sugar and white flour, void of nutrients and just a filler.  I found after switching to celtic sea salt years ago that when I ate white salt again it actually burned my mouth.   I love the richness  celtic sea salt adds to my foods, not just a sharp saltiness like white salt.  Even our filtered water has essential minerals removed along with potential toxins.  Simply adding a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt to your drinking water can add back vital minerals without changing the flavor. Use Celtic Sea salt any place you would use iodized white salt, cooking, baking, even skin care

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