Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) comes from the Pinacceae(pine) family.  Cedrus atlantica is the closest species related to the biblical Cedars of Lebanon.  It is steam distilled from the bark. It has many of the same qualities as Frankincense and other tree oils like sandalwood & palo santo but at a more affordable price.

Historical oil Throughout history, cedarwood has been used in medicines.  The Egyptians used it for embalming. 

  • It is antibacterial
  • Lymphatic stimulant  
  • Stimulates the limbic region of the brain – the center of emotions and stimulates the pineal gland which releases melatonin. 
  • Helps with Concentration. Terry Friedmann, MD found clinical tests showing cedarwood effective in treating ADD and ADHD in children. 
  • Calming
  • Anti-depressant (EDR). 
  • Anti-infectious. Cedarwood has been researched against Campylobacter jejuni, Listeria and Salmonella bacterias. (Journal of Food Protection 2002).

There are many biblical references to Cedarwood  Leviticus in particular speaks in several places of Cedarwood used in combination with other oils for cleansing and purification. (Leviticus 14).

Cedarwood is found in many blends to support concentration and to lift the mood.

To use  diffuse or inhale to enhance prayer and meditation.  Rub a drop of oil in your palms and cup them over your nose and mouth and inhale for mental clarity. I like to add a drop of cedarwood oil to a pea sized drop of argan oil or apricot oil for an uplifting, nourishing facial moisturizer.

Place a drop on a cotton ball and put in drawers or closets to repel insects.

Apply a drop or 2 to the soles of feet to boost immunity.

1-3 drops rubbed intot he scalp may help inhibit hair loss

To enhance deep sleep, inhale cedarwood directly from the bottle or apply a drop to the temples.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this information is for educational purposes only.  It  is not the intent of Pure Home and Body LLC to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.


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