Natural Help for Dry Feet

Over the years I have used many products in search of something to keep my feet soft.  I’ve tried several “natural” and traditional products laden with chemicals (with much hesitation) including most targeted at “cracked heels”.  They all were temporary if even effective.  My search has ended with a combination of Lemon essential oil and a natural Lavender Hand and Body Lotion.   First, I would not use anything but a Food Grade Essential Oil.  As you can see on the Vita-Flex chart, most of our body’s points are connected to places on the feet .  The more I use essential oils on my feet and see the results in the rest of my body, the more particular I am about what I put on my feet – knowing the product will most likely end up in my body somewhere.essential oils for dry feet

So, thanks to Michelle K. for giving me this tip – My feet have never been softer, and I have no cracked heels!  I try to do this every day, but don’t feel my feet deteriorate overnight if I miss a day or two like they would with other products. I also used to struggle with scrubbing my feet with a pumice stone to try to soften them – My hand held foot stone is now pretty much retired – I really only use it a couple times a year if I’ve neglected my feet for a week or two.

Immediately after a shower or bath (after a  body scrub session would be especially nice) I drop 2-3 drops of Therapeutic grade Lemon Essential Oil (which is also food grade) into my palm and rubs hands together.  Quickly rub onto the soles of feet paying attention to the  heels, toes or any other dry area.  Finish by rubbing on a natural Lavender Hand & Body Lotion – only a drop is needed, this lotion is highly concentrated.  I find my bottle lasts me several months, even when I’m applying it daily!  Massage the lotion in well and cover your feet with socks or slippers.   Enjoy your soft feet!

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