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Natural remedies for allergies

sneezing, itchy watery eyes make allergies uncomfortable

Allergies are a complicated issue because they vary from person to person.  I encourage you to study yourself (or your children) and look at diet, environment and genetic history to become familiar with allergy triggers in your life in addition to consulting with a doctor for this disease. For serious allergies, consult with an allergist who might recommend testing to identify triggers and treatment plans. We have had ALCAT testing done on several people in our family, this tests the antibody reaction in your blood, which can detect delayed reactions to foods. ALCAT offers a comprehensive test (at the rate of about $1500 which many insurance companies might not cover) that tests for hundreds of elements including foods, chemicals and environmental allergens. If you are able to, allergy testing can give you a good measure of what is causing your symptoms so you can avoid the allergens until your system is healthier. A healthy body is less likely to succumb to discomforts brought on by the change of seasons. 

The rate of young children with allergies continues to rise I grew up with serious allergies and got the full series of shots when I was 7 years old.  As I’ve gotten older my symptoms have varied in severity, and some of my children inherited similar traits.   The reactions vary  from child to child in our family, some get itchy eyes, another a runny nose.   Something must be blooming that is causing our current discomfort and we have some runny noses, itchy throats and eyes – mine included. So far we have been able to keep our immune systems balanced with natural ingredients and by avoiding the things that trigger our discomforts.  You may make different choices in your family and I am not prescribing treatments for any serious allergy issues.  Talk with your doctor about options for your family.

Scratchy Throat Relief For scratchy throats we swallow an agave nectar and lemon essential oil blend to keep dry throats hydrated.  Combine 10-12 drops of food grade lemon essential oil (which is food safe) to 4 ounces of Agave nectar.  We take a teaspoon of this at a time.  Even the baby, Andrew , likes to take this “nectar”.  The girls are in a musical this weekend with our oldest doing a solo.  This Lemon Nectar is keeping her throat soothed for all her performances.  If you want to add an extra boost to a spoonful, add a drop of a cinnamon-clove blend for adults – making sure to mix in well before swallowing.  Do not use cinnamon/clove blends internally in children under 5 because they are such a powerful oils.  If an adult needs only 1 drop of a cinnamon/clove blend, a small child would need only a scant amount when applying to the feet.

Itchy Eyes Lavender essential oil is very soothing to the skin and calms and cools the body.  When applied around the eye area, it can improve circulation and reduce puffiness from seasonal changes. Rinsing sinuses with a Neti pot can cleanse the sinuses to ensure proper nasal function and reduce discomfort from the inside of the sinuses that might affect itchy eyes.  Diffusing Lavender essential oil can keep air cleaner and lessen the amount of dust or contaminants in your home that might cause itchy eyes. Apply a drop of Lavender around the sinus area, temples and close to the eyes – but not in them to encourage good circulation and to calm these areas.   If you do this close to the eyes, make sure not to get the oil in the eyes, and do it when you can just close your eyes for a few minutes after to allow the essential oil to soak into your skin. 

Fatigue   Seasonal changes can sap your energy. A gel capsule filled with a drop of a Cinnamon/clove blend (make sure your essential oils are food grade) and a drop of Lemon essential oil can give you a boost in stamina to get you through the day and keep your immune system in balance.

Prevention Aside from staying away from allergens, there are some other things you can do to avoid common allergens like dust –

  1. Take your shoes off at the door when you come in a home.  Shoes carry not only allergens, but a host of chemicals and dirt that are not healthy for anyone. (Think of all the places you’re shoes have been, which may include pesticide sprayed lawns). Dust and vacuum with a HEPA filter often to keep allergens from dispersing into the air.
  2. Support your digestive tract Many allergies may be caused by undigested proteins in the blood so it is essential to fit the proper probiotics and enzymes in to your system to help digest and assimilate foods.  This is especially important for anyone who has taken a round of antibiotics.  Just eating yogurt is not providing the probiotics your body needs to maintain healthy flora in the intestinal tract.  Make sure your probiotic has been tested to ensure the right probiotics are surviving digestion and reaching the colon.  If probiotics do not survive the digestive juices they cannot get established in the colon.  Some companies makes several enzyme combinations:  Sulfrzyme and Essentlzyme to help aid in digestion.
  3. Clean up your liver For adults, one big step you can take is avoid alcohol. Even if for a short time, give your liver a break. Drink fresh squeezed lemon juice in your water, eat raw beets and your liver will be happy. I find that just drinking one glass of fresh beet, lemon, ginger and carrot juice a week really makes me feel better. 

If you really want a boost for your immune system, take 1 drop each of

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil

Combine these in a gel capsule (for adults), or rub oils on soles of feet (for kids) to keep your immune system in balance during those seasonal changes.

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4 Responses to Allergy Relief and Essential Oils

  1. Jane Korsberg June 8, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

    For over 40 years I suffered with daily headache primarily due to muscle tension in my neck and shoulders. I treated my symptoms with over-the-counter products to the extent that after 20-some years I developed an ulcer. The ulcer reduced my headache relief options to Tylenol-type products and prescription muscle relaxants. Neither were particularly effective. In July 2012 I began using Young Living essential oils, specifically Panaway and peppermint-oils combined, applying them neat to my neck, shoulders, and temples. Relief follows the application in about the same time as taking two Tylenol capsules – about 15 minutes – and the pain is gone. In addition, I have seasonal allergies. Again I replaced over-the-counter antihistamines with lavender essential oil for almost immediate relief of the “itchy/tickly” sensation in my nose and throat. To be free of daily medication use is wonderful! I can not say enough about Young Living essential oils – for me the effect has been positively miraculous.

  2. Susan P June 8, 2013 at 5:59 pm #

    Thanks for sharing your story Jane! What a blessing to see how therapeutic, food grade essential oils have helped you replace synthetic drugs with something more natural~ Sue

  3. Maria DeBlassie June 20, 2014 at 11:40 am #

    Thanks for sharing! I am always looking for ways to treat allergy symptoms without resorting to commercial drugs with problematic side effects. And I’m happy to see that I already have the essential oils you recommend! I’ve also found that drinking dandelion leaf tea gives me that extra boost–this herb helps detoxify the liver and cleanses the system of impurities. When I don’t drink it (just like when I skip lemon water), my body feels more prone to allergies and other aches and pains.

  4. Susan P June 20, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    Thanks for stopping by Maria, dandelion is very good for liver health as well as lemon. When the liver is healthier, allergy symptoms may be less severe. Thanks for sharing this little nugget of info for our readers.

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