Get Your Best Night’s Sleep With Essential Oils

There are several essential oils that may support healthy sleep patterns. Every person has unique chemistry, fragrance preferences and lifestyles that may affect which ones you choose to try for your bedtime rituals. Essential oils can be a great tool for creating a regular bedtime routine, which is an important step in getting your best night’s sleep, but they are not a solution for poor lifestyle choices that affect sleep patterns such as alcohol consumption, drinking caffeine after 2pm, eating rich meals close to bedtime or taxing your body’s natural sleep cycles by staying awake late nights on a regular basis.

Best essential oils to calm down the mind and body


Ruta Graveolens, also known as Ruta, may relax the mind and body to help lower stress levels. Most doctors recommend getting 8 hours of sleep at night to support healthy immune function. Do you have difficulty staying focused at work or have trouble concentrating because of occasional sleeplessness? Children are under a lot of stress when they are in school:  competing in sports,  studying for good grades, some are bullied.  This is a great time to put Ruta Vala on the brain stem just before the going to bed or rub them down on the shoulders to promote a good night’s sleep and a great start the following day.

Also known as “Ruta”, this essential oil comes from the plant Ruta-Graveolens  found in Latin S. America. It originally became well known as a food flavoring agent for cheese because it prevented mold growth. It’s an anti-bacterial agent that prevents fungus growth.  Ruta may be helpful with promoting a good night’s rest, stress management and supports healthy lung function. Overall, it may be an option to support healthy sleep pattern which will affect many body systems. Ruta contains these constituents:

Alpha Pinene – has shown in research to improve histological damage in the pancreas and lungs (Gi-Sang, et al). The Alpha Pinene is lower in the Ruta but it still may support a healthy  immune system. If it is not distilled right then Alpha Pinene levels are very low.

Eucalyptol – supports a healthy respiratory tract which may improve oxygen in the lungs and body.

Ruta’s chemical structure may promote a balanced stress response in the body. Maladaptive Stress Syndrome occurs when someone is under ongoing stress conditions with little control over the situation such as a divorce or the loss of a loved one. This intense stress can manifest itself in many ways.  Ongoing stress increases acid and cortisol levels in the body, decreases digestive acids and can throw many body systems out of balance. Essential oils such as Ruta Gaveolens  may calm the mind when rubbed on the brain stem and assist the body’s natural stress responses to encourage healthy perspectives in day to day activities.

When you sleep better you will have more energy. Ruta Vala may be useful in relaxing the mind when applied at bedtime.  It may help calm your emotions and improve your quality of sleep which may lessen effects of ongoing stress on the body.  If you wake a little groggy, apply frankincense and peppermint or Clarity blend in the morning to your temples when you wake  for clearer thinking and improved concentration.  Do not use RutaVaLa in conjunction with a sleep aid.  If you are on prescription sleep medication, consult with your doctor before switching over to RutaVaLa to treat your sleep issues.

Calming essential oils

Lavender  essential oil contains aldehydes and esters which are calming to the mind and body. Lavender essential oil is one of the most common essential oils used for calming down at bedtime. It’s classic scent brings on balance to the body and combines well with many other essential oils.

Chamomile also has esters and aldehydes known to lower and reduce cortisol. Combining Chamomile with Lavender, Valerian and Ruta helps brighten up the aroma of the more earthy, musty tones of Ruta and gives aromatic balance.

Valerian is a calming essential oil, and also helps with focus and concentration. If your mind is fleeting in many directions and you cannot settle in at bedtime, breathing in some valerian might be a good essential oil to breathe in before bedtime.

Best uses for your sleep oils:

  1. Rub on the brain stem 3-4 times or on base of skull, rubbing clockwise, to promote a good night’s rest.
  2. Diffuse single oils or a combination of several, it’s important to choose aromas that are pleasing to your senses to help with relaxation.
  3. Drop some lavender or chamomile on your pillow before lying down.
  4. Rub a few drops of essential oils of your choice onto the soles of your feet. Even better, have someone rub the oils on your feet for you ;).

In addition to some sensible bedtime preparations like avoiding rich foods and caffeine close to bedtime, shutting off electronics an hour before going to sleep and turning lights low late in the evening, essential oil applications can be great tools for rounding out your nighttime routines to bring on your best night’s sleep.

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These statements are for educational purposes only and not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases.

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