DIY Green Tea Facial with Matcha DNA Green Tea Powder

I was sent some free samples from matcha DNA to review. I was not paid to write this post, but I did receive the product to try. I love to research new products and introduce you to those that are really pure. While it’s origin is China, it is labeled as organic and sustainably grown. It’s nutrient content includes 215 mcg of Vitamin A, 3mg of Vitamin C, 137 mg Tannins, Additional antioxidants: Theanine 25mg, Catechins 179mg. In addition, matcha DNA tea claims it’s antioxidant and nutritional value is equivalent to 10 glasses of green tea (though the caffeine content is not 😉  ).Matcha DNA facial mask

Theanine(found in  most green teas)  is an amino acid that can improve nerve impulses to the brain. I’m sure everyone could benefit from more tea


My 1st thoughts when I opened a packet of Matcha DNA green tea powder: the aroma of dry powder reminds me of kelp powder with a mild hint of sweetness.Matcha DNA green tea powder

The first time I used it I made it as a tea I enjoyed the smooth flavor. Other green teas I’ve had tasted like grass or very earthy. While it seemed odd for me to mix up a cup of tea from a powdered product, the flavor was better than any other green tea I’ve tasted. I don’t drink a lot of caffeinated tea, this did give me energy!

It would be an excellent alternative for anyone who would like to quit or lessen your coffee consumption. I do like the ritual of steeping tea leaves, but it does seem like a waste of plant material.  Matcha DNA tea gives you all the nutrients of the tea leaves without the waste. A friend of mine who is a personal cooking coach likes her Matcha DNA tea with some coconut milk. I tried this, too and it was my choice for drinking the tea warm. I have not had it as an iced tea yet, but do plan to put it in smoothies. I hadn’t heard of whole leaf green tea powder until I got this from Matcha DNA, but I did notice Reishi tea has a green tea powder, but it is from Japan where the nuclear plant in Fukushima spill happened. Matcha DNA tea is from China, far away from the nuclear plant in Japan.

Give yourself a facial! I love the convenience of the powder and have created a detoxifying mask from this Matcha DNA tea. This was a fun way to get the benefits of the tea leaves into my complexion. I just mixed the Matcha green tea powder with some purified water. You could add essential oils to boost the nutrient absorption, too! Essential oils power up any nutrient absorption, whether in supplement form or on the skin. If you do add essential oils to your Matcha green tea powder facial mask, please only use food-grade, Therapeutic essential oils from a source you trust.

Matcha Green Tea Powder makes an excellent detoxifying facial

Matcha Green Tea Powder makes an excellent detoxifying facial


DIY Green Tea Facial

1 packet of Matcha DNA Green Tea Powder (1/4 -1/2 tsp (you will only use 1/2 a packet, so each packet will make 2 facials)

1/4 tsp purified water, aloe vera or witch hazel

1 drop essential oil of choice (I used lavender for a calming mask)

Mix the ingredients in the exfoliating mask until smooth, apply to damp skin and leave on for 10 minutes. This is an exfoliating mask, do not leave it on to the point of getting dry and crunchy. Remove gently with a moist, warm washcloth. Pat skin dry and finish with more aloe vera and a drop of lavender or frankincense essential oil (boswellia carteri). 

If you don’t have Matcha DNA green tea powder, brew up a batch of green tea from a tea bag. Mix a teaspoon of the liquid tea with any facial clay and apply as any other face mask.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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  1. Janet Salamone March 8, 2014 at 8:20 pm #

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    Janet aka “Jay”

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