“Susan has been an integral part of guiding me both physically, mentally, and spiritually in my journey to become a healthier and happier person. She is incredibly patient and non-judgemental, and inspired me to reach my goals. the strength, passion and dedication to her work truly shows in every contact with her clients. I am so grateful to have Sue in my life.”  Sherry H.  Business owner

“From the very first time I met Sue I could sense her passion for wellness. Her calm and caring approach has been apparent every time I’ve been with her in the 13 years I’ve known her. I value her knowledge in health, wellness, yoga and aromatherapy as tools for anyone wanting to improve their health.”  Betsy B. Elementary School Teacher

“Sue is such a sincere person, you always know she is listening and understanding deeply when you’re with her. I’ve learned many things from her coaching that have gone beyond the basics of diet and exercise to help me overcome many personal struggles in my life.”  Anne, Student


Yogilates is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates that combines targeted stretching with a focus on core strength and healthy posture. Each class will cover simple movements that will enhance your current workout routine, give you practical ways to improve balance and increase flexibility. This mind/body class will be a powerful tool to jumpstart your metabolism and help you reach those strength and weight loss goals!

Holy Yoga

Contact me to schedule your private Holy Yoga class, perfect for Bible study groups, women’s conferences and special events. Check back again to see upcoming Holy Yoga series!  As a Registered Holy Yoga Instructor, I also have training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Holy Yoga Touch to help you deepen your connections in faith as you integrate your mind, body and spirit! 

All Levels

Thai Yoga Sessions are also known as Thai massage or Thai Bodywork. These one on one session involve fully assisted stretching combined with acupressure. Therapy sessions help to build flexibility as well as release tightness in the muscles to increase your range of motion and assist in the recovery process of your fitness routine. It is especially helpful for working out tension in larger muscle groups like the IT band, hamstrings, quadriceps and shoulders. Muscles and ligaments are opened up at a deeper level through Thai bodywork more effectively than just stretching on your own as you have the opportunity to fully relax during a session as you would in receiving a massage. It is performed on a heavily padded mat, thicker than a pilates or yoga mat. Thai Bodywork is done with client fully clothed – make sure to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing without buckles or buttons. Tshirt and sweats are perfect attire.

Private Yoga Training Receive one-on-one targeted instructions to meet your personal needs in a yoga session designed just for you. You’ll receive alignment guidance for safe practice and strategy to compliment your current fitness routines to reach your personal goals. Yoga mat and props are available upon request. I can meet you at your location in the Milwaukee metro area or at one of the locations below.

Until Further Notice: Private Classes will be held online in ZOOM platform! Join me Today!

Private Session Length

Contact Me to schedule your next appointment, indicating what service & date you’d like to receive in the SUBJECT line


Private Group Yoga Class Options

Gather some friends for a healthy morning or afternoon out as you share a Restorative or Gentle Yoga class at your location or other optional sites (TBD based on time and availability). Class options include:

Beginner Yoga Class – All Levels: focuses on  stretching and mindfulness exercises to get you focused and refreshed.

Intermediate Yoga Class – Vinyasa flow class for those who have some yoga experience, few physical limitations and good awareness of the body from other exercise. Great class for teens, sport teams looking for cross-training, corporate wellness for experienced employees.

Faith-Based Holy Yoga  – All Levels: class incorporating scripture and Biblical meditation with simple stretching, mindfulness and meditation. Can be customized to meet specific scripture focus to compliment a current Bible Study. This class is for all fitness levels and especially suited to those who struggle with slowing down or being still and would like to learn practical ways to treat your body as a temple.

All classes are taught in a safe, gentle manner to increase range of motion, flexibility, self-awareness and reduce tension in targeted areas. Music play lists can be customized to create gentle/calming vibe or upbeat/energizing class based on your group’s needs.

Offsite locations can vary depending on the facility. Basically if you have a wide open space, clean floor and space to move without outside distractions we can have a great time together. Keep in mind that really large spaces tend to be cooler which isn’t always ideal when stretching, but guests can dress warmer to accommodate. If you’d like to discuss offsite locations, connect with me and we can talk about creating the best plan for your group.

Group Classes = $100 per hour for up to 6 people, $10 for each additional person (any additional facility rental fees will be covered by the group)

Treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care. Dress comfortably and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. A limited number of mats may be available for students.

Natural Living Bootcamp

Life & Wellness Coaching 

Take your health & wellness to the next level beyond just diet & exercise!

Are you ready to take steps towards living more naturally? Have you always wanted to learn about organics, holistic therapies and more but have been overwhelmed by the choices or unsure where to begin? This coaching is designed for you!

Natural Living Bootcamp will give you a jump start into wellness, give you better perspective of where you are going and help you focus on what will have the best impact in your home.

This is not just a coaching of do’s and don’ts,  but a hands-on approach that will get you moving in a Greener direction no matter how familiar you are with healthy living habits. You’ll discover simple tools that will make it easy to choose GREEN. 

Coaching is available on an individual or group basis and makes a fun gathering for friends who want to learn together.  Contact me with questions about scheduling private events:

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Two Inches of Wool, The Simple Art of Self-Care

New Book Launhc

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6 Natural Living Bootcamp Coaching Sessions

6 one hour sessions designed to give you an overview of natural living choices in every area of your home. Learn quick ways to reduce the amount of chemicals in your personal and work environment. Options individual sessions for specific topics: pregnancy, children, athletes. Group sessions offered seasonally, LIKE Pure Home and Body on facebook for current events.

Natural Living Bootcamp

 Register for my PHB newsletter and LIKE Pure Home and Body on Facebook to get the most up to date info on classes.  You’ll also get some great healthy living tips that compliment any fitness and yoga routine!

Corporate Mind-Body sessions 

  • Stress Management (How to relax, refuel and renew in 9 minutes a day)
  • Creating a Green home or office space.
  • Non-toxic living, how to easily replace chemicals in your life with natural options.
  • Brain Power: Natural ways to improve your memory, concentration and mental clarity.
Contact me  to discuss and schedule private or group sessions where rates can be determined based on your needs
Susan is a Wellness Trainer, Author, Speaker, Women’s Advocate, Educator, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) and Certified Trauma Sensitive Holy Yoga Instructor. In addition, she holds over 25 years of hands on experience in Aromatherapy and multiple certifications including training in Clinical Aromatherapy. Her experience has crossed many cultural and socioeconomic boundaries in missions work in India and locally with anti-trafficking advocacy. She and her husband are active in serving and supporting youth ministry in their church and raising their own tribe of 6 world changing kids.
She has a passion for helping others reach their fullest potential through mindful choices in lifestyle, relationships and faith. She is committed to helping you reach your goals and partnering with individuals and businesses who are dedicated to implementing real change for lasting results.