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Essential Oils for Healthy hair

Don’t Buy Another Bottle of Shampoo,Until You Read This First

Having a Pure Home and Body is a process  The most common question I get by far is “Where do I begin?”.  One of the easiest places to begin is with things you use everyday.  Since everyone is different physically, emotionally, socio-economically, the answer is different to some degree.  My suggestions are often not specific “do’s […]

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Essential Oils for the Bathroom

6 Essentials For Every Pure Bathroom

  On March 27, 2012 I checked Amazon’s inventory which included: 12,766 body cleansers 33,953 shampoos 50,111 lotions 6,595 toothpastes 1,964 sleep aids 25,330 perfumes After diapers, the top selling personal care product (consumable) was whitestrips for whiter teeth. Body care in the US has gotten pretty complicated.   In 1880 there were only 67 […]

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Natural Care for Healthy Muscles, Joints and Backs

This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. If you have an injury or disease, see a medical doctor. Give your body the best   Whether you are a tri-athlete or just trying to fit in several normal […]

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essential oils for cleaning

Toxic Landfill or Oasis? Natural Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

NEWS UPDATE!  April 2012 EWG’s Hall of Shame, Most Toxic Cleaning Supplies. Check it out and make sure none are in your cupboards. When is the last time you looked under your kitchen sink?  Or in the cupboard where you keep your cleaning supplies?  Household cleaners have some of the most toxic ingredients.  In our […]

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