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Essential Oil Use and Social Responsibility

The essential oil industry is booming. Like the 100th monkey & Social Change, many are suddenly seeing a sense of urgency to learn about these natural substances. One company years ago made it their mission to “have essential oils in every home”. At the time I thought that seemed like a good idea, but as I […]

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14 Upcycled Essentials for Travel

Upcycle I realize that having a Pure Home and Body can be pretty serious and complex when you’re talking about toxins, chemicals and getting sick. Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, and it’s actually pretty fun when you  apply simple habits like upcycling into your daily routine.  Upcycling is taking recycling a bit further and […]

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peppermint essential oil for cooking

Peppermint Hot Cocoa

My kids like to drink hot chocolate several times a week in the winter.  Most hot cocoa mixes contain chemicals, colorings and unhealthy sugars and sweeteners, some with Nutrasweet.  Nutrasweet is also known as Aspartame and turns to ethyl alcohol when heated.  I avoid these processed ingredients by making my own hot chocolate recipe.   My […]

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