Can you imagine a life with more energy and a clearer mind?  Have you been working on diet and exercise but still feel like you haven’t reached your potential in wellness? What would it feel like to really live, to be the best you can be? Would you like to feel better but just don’t know where to begin? Living greener and removing some key toxins in your life can have a tremendous impact on your health, well-being and perspectives in life and I can show you how.

I’m  Susan, after years of stress, eating processed foods and burning the candle at both ends in a corporate job I was rescued with the discovery of organic living.  Since then, I’ve become an (ERYT) Registered Yoga Teacher with 1000+ teaching hours and an aromatherapist. I’m grateful to have an abundance of energy to keep up with my family. I’ve come to this point by developing some key healthy habits and removing toxins in our home. Can toxin exposure affect your energy and overall health? You bet it can! We are chemical beings and live in a chemical filled world and every day we are affected, but are you aware? Often we don’t realize the effect chemicals have on our bodies until they are removed. Having healthy, creative outlets will keep your mind strong so you become better at observing how your body is responding to different foods, chemicals and stress.  

We live in a culture saturated with information and many are confused about what products are safe and truly natural.  I created this site to share with you Real Green, Pure Living ideas that are Simple and Healthybecause being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.  We all have so many choices and a short amount of time. 

I’ll help you create a Pure Home and Body through healthy habits that are quick to implement, affordable, and long lasting.  I’ll also show you how to be a wise consumer and look past the hype in marketing and give you the tools to find healthy living routines and products that are truly natural and pure.

We can work together in person or online via Zoom

 Natural Living Bootcamp  Life Coaching  teaches you how to live healthier and reduce exposure to toxins.

Personal yoga training and Thai Bodywork sessions at local studios or at your location.

Contact Me to discuss options that will fit your needs. 

Small changes can have a huge impact on your well-being.

I’m committed to simplifying the information you are searching for. Pure Home and Body is a place where you can focus, learn and apply what works for you and not be distracted from your intentions.

There are many components of a healthy lifestyle.  The information on this website is for educational purposes.  Pure Home and Body is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, but rather a place to help you maintain your health and lessen your chances of falling below the line of health. It is meant to encourage you to seek information for your personal situation so you can make the best choices in your family. I look forward to joining you on your journey to a healthier home and body. I love photography, and most of the graphics on my site are my own work, so if you’d like to borrow some content please give photo and content credit, cause it’s the right thing to do.

Purely Yours,