Two Inches of Wool Book

What do you remember from being a child? Life was simpler then, wasn’t it? Blankets are an icon of those younger years. Security. Comfort. Warmth. Play. Familiarity. Nurturing care. A soft blanket can remind us we are covered in grace, accepted and confident in our lives. The blanket reminds us that everyday, ordinary moments can create a foundation of wonder, discovery and self-care into all aspects of our life. Especially as a grown-up.

Two Inches of Wool is the supportive blanket to remind us of the power of small choices to make a big impact on our physical health, emotional well-being and faith journey. No matter where you’ve come from, you can move forward and find wholeness. Discover the simple steps you can take in nutrition, mind-body exercises and connecting in community with others to build more resilience, contentment and joy into your life. Healing. Because you are worth it.

Two Inches of Wool is more than guide packed with over 300 actionable, life-giving choices. This is your inspiration to dig deeper into understanding yourself more so you can make the best choices each day that will have a great impact on your health and well-being.

The choices we make in our lives have the potential to contribute to our sense of wholeness in everything we do.

Two Inches of wool book