Homemade rice pack for pain

Here is a great device everyone in our house uses for aches and pains.  With six kids I could hardly afford to oufit them all with their own spa rice pack – let alone one!  These are inexpensive and easy to make.  I heat them in the microwave 40 seconds-1 minute depending on the size of the rice pack and the power of the microwave.  So, I really try not to use the microwave as the waves alter the chemistry of our food, but I do use it to heat up the rice packs which is convenient in the middle of the night when someone has a growing pain and I need something quick.  I feel a rice pack heated in the microwave is a better alternative to using a plugged in heating pad – having yourself hooked up to any electrical equipment for an extended period of time is not healthy.

I only use organic rice for my packs.  Once I was in a pinch and the store I went to only had rice from India – this sounded pretty good I know there are some countries that might not spray things as much as the U.S., except for Mexico.  My confidence quickly diminished when I cooked the rice and it smelled very strongly of an oriental rug.  I guessed the rice was probably treated in the same warehouse as those wool rugs to repel any critters.  My infatuation for this exotic rice quickly went south when the odor did not let up after several washings in my purified water.  It ended up in the garbage and we did not have rice for dinner.  Now I try to keep an extra bag or two of organic rice on hand in case I need to whip up an extra rice pack.

For the simplest no sew rice pack all you need is your organic rice and a clean athletic sock.  You can vary the amount of rice depending on the size of the person – tube sock and about 2 cups of rice for an adult or growing teenager, smaller sock and 1 cup of rice for toddler’s tummy.  Fill the sock with the rice and tie the top closed and ‘viola’ instant rice pack.  If you’d like to get creative like I do and you have a sewing machine you can stitch up one in any size with a fun fabric.  I like to use flannel which is soft and comforting,  you could use organic fabric which is becoming more readily available at fabric stores though you have to search a bit.  With right sides together simply stitch up 3 of the 4 sides of your rectangle – I like to stitch a double row of stitching for durability – turn the pocket inside out and fill with rice.  Leave some room at the top to fold over the last side and double stitch the end closed.

The uses for these warm packs is endless and the heat helps drive in essential oils that you have applied – shoulders, backs, pulled muscles. Apply  Peppermint , Lavender or Marjoram for achey muscles.

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