Nourish Your Skin

     When most people think of nourishment, they think of eating food and taking vitamins to nourish your physical body. The skin is the largest part of the body and definitely benefits from eating the proper foods and drinking enough water. It is also one of the body’s vehicles for eliminating toxins, mainly when we sweat. If we cover up the skin with lotions, chemicals and make-up we are not only absorbing these substances but may be hindering our skin’s natural process of renewal. You can nourish your skin very easily and improve the appearance and health with a little TLC.

     I’m suggesting something so simple it doesn’t require any special products and can be done at any time or place. Simply take a break from your daily routine for a week or so and just let your skin breathe. Put away your normal lotions, potions and make-up. If you are accustomed to using certain products on your skin, you might notice things don’t look so promising at first. But I encourage you to be patient. In time, your skin will come back and you may even reconsider what you are putting on your skin.

     This happened to me several years ago when I looked at one of my favorite products labels.  My “skin smoothing lotion” had Urea in it. From past experience I knew this was not good. I use Urea in my tie dying supplies. The entire bag is a warning label about causing cancer including “do not allow this to come in contact with skin”. When we tie dye shirts, everyone has chemical grade gloves on and we do it outside in the “fresh air”. I couldn’t believe I had been putting this on my face! I have to admit I was a bit sad that my favorite face lotion had a harmful ingedient.   I stopped using the product and at first, my skin was not as bright as it had been when I had used the skin smoother, but it has come back even better now.  In time I realized I really didn’t need it and I’m grateful I got rid of it.  It’s glow comes because it is healthy, not because I have a lotion performing a mild chemical peel on my face every day.
        Another way to pamper your skin is to hydrate it.  Hydration is also critical to your skin and should be internal as well as external. Make sure to drink enough pure, high quality water every day. If you are drinking purified water, make sure to repenish the lost minerals with a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt.     Lastly, you can dry brush your skin for some TLC.  I had this done to me as part of  a massage treatment at a spa in San Francisco.  I loved it so much I got my own dry brush to do it at home.  Ayurvedic medicine utilizes  dry brushing  the skin to help eliminate toxins, stimulate circulation and renew your skin.  It  flushes out the lymph system and may even be helpful with reducing cellulite.  

     Dry brushing is best done before a bath or shower – the basic premise is using a stiff bristle brush firmly to brush the skin in the direction of the heart.  Brushing the entire surface of arms, feet, legs, back and torso – always working toward the heart.  This process is stimulating so might be best done in the morning before starting the day.  Dry brushing enhances the skin’s exfoliation and improves the texture.  For an extra treat, slather on some organic sesame oil or V-6 massage oil after your bath and shower to really nourish and moisturize your skin naturally.

        Giving your skin a break from your daily routine will help it be more effective in detoxifying and protecting your body.    Drybrushing can enhance this process.    Allow your skin to renew itself and it will be healthier.   When your skin is healthier it shows in a way that no skin care product can mask or imitate.

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