3 Steps To Discovering Authentic Self-Care

Two Inches of Wool, The Simple Art of Self-Care is now available in a print version on Amazon. The first several days it launched, the Kindle version quickly jumped to a #1 best seller in several categories: Self-help, Happiness & Mental Health!

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There are tens of thousands of articles, books, blogs and “experts” in holistic, natural living demonstrating the instructions for healthier habits. Two Inches of Wool is your guide to discovering what will work in your life. Not everyone responds to healthy habits the same so it’s essential that you understand yourself better so you can make the best choices in your life. This is where true transformation really happens. Most articles are written in a problem-solution based format, and this may be the way you have thought all your life. You might think  “I want to lose 10 pounds so I will find a diet that helps be reach that goal”. Two Inches of Wool challenges you think about why you want to lose those 10 pounds, or to evaluate your dietary habits to make some healthy choices that become a part of your everyday routines without subjecting yourself to a Zone-Paleo-Vegan-Sugar-free-Keto-Gluten-Free-Grain-Free-Macrobiotic-Weight-Watchers-South-Beach-Raw-Watermelon-Grapefruit-Fill_In_The_Blank diet.

Self-care is the foundation of any healthy choices you can make in your life. Self-care gives you the insight and understanding to give yourself what you need when you need it. Self-care creates the space for you to step away from harmful habits and choose to move towards those that are the best for your mind, body and spirit.

What you’ll find is that once you clean up the chemicals in your life, eat fewer processed foods and add some key routines into your day the pounds will naturally come off, your mind will become clearer, your skin clears up. The key is to find the routines that fit your personal needs. Developing these skills takes time and determination, but they are worth it! 


Two Inches of Wool, The Simple Art of Self-Care  is designed to help you discover Self-Care routines that will really nurture your body and soul, become a part of your healthy living tool box, and support you in your efforts to step into healthy relationships with others when you are become more confident in who you are.

There are 3 steps to finding those Self-Care routines that will stick. Here is an overview of them, the rest of which can be found in depth in  Two Inches of Wool  the book. 

  1. Developing Self-Awareness. This is a skill that takes time and focus. Self-awareness helps us understand how we are responding physically, emotionally, spiritually in any circumstances. It involves elements of emotional intelligence as well as understanding of our physical body. Over time you’ll begin to understand better where your weaknesses lay so you can focus on improving the areas that need strengthening.
  2. Making The Best Choices You Can. Two Inches of Wool is filled with many “choices” you can make in your life. However, it is not meant to be a source of  “do’s” and “don’t’s”. Rather, it is your “palette” to draw from. If you are a piece of art that is being shaped into a masterpiece your whole life, the choices you make in life will determine what your end artwork will become. The book is mapped out to empower you in making the best choices you can in your life right now. The self-awareness we have carries us through to the choices we make everyday. If we are fully aware of how certain foods energize us or deplete us, we will be more likely to add or subtract those foods to our daily routines. When we see how others are influencing us, encouraging us or otherwise, we can make conscious choices to connect with healthy individuals, cut-off relationships that are harmful or negative, or choose to create healthier relationships with those we are with. Coming into a place of Self-Care empowers us to make those choices that will matter.
  3. Living In Healthy Community With Others. We can have a great sense of self-awareness and make great choices in life, but if we are lacking this third step, we will be missing the greatest satisfaction of our lives as human “beings”. We were designed to live in healthy community with others who bring out the best in us and who want the best for us. Likewise, healthy community gives us opportunity to encourage and empower those around us. Living without this healthy community produces loneliness. Our culture sends the message that we will be happy if we are successful, if we are the best, if we are thin and beautiful – elements of our exterior image. Authentic community invites us to be vulnerable and to accept others as they are, not capitalize on them to make ourselves look better. Two Inches of Wool invites you to discover some ways to engage with others in authenticity, relationship building, and living in service to those in need. Ultimately, our goal in living in healthy community is not to engage in a co-dependent behaviors that cause others to rely on us to meet their needs, but to empower others to rise above their circumstances to become a positive influence in their lives and then in turn support others. Living in community with others is the field where we test the strength of our self-awareness when we can remain true to ourself within the dynamic of relationships with others. When we accept ourselves in a healthy manner, we are more likely to stay true to ourselves and be able to give support and encouragement to those around us at the same time.

Are you ready to step into some Self-Care? You can determine how deep you’re ready to go in all of these areas. I’ll be honest, finding your Two Inches of Wool may not be easy, but the effort will be worth it. Many of the activities and thought-provoking questions in the book are designed to empower you in self-awareness so you can make the best choices in your life that will have the greatest impact on your health, well-being and relationships with others. This is the place where you can discover authentic community with others and real fulfillment in your relationships. What’s exciting is that the more self-awareness you discover, the easier it is to make good choices everyday. 

Join me in reading Two Inches of Wool, The Simple Art of Self-Care and discover the best version of yourself that you can be.

From October 20-28 to celebrate the launch of the PRINT version, I’m running The Blanket Project. For every print book sold on Amazon, I’ll be donating a wool blanket to people in need in the Milwaukee area.

Two Inches of Wool Blanket Project

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