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Are you ready for warmer weather? Hiking, biking, geo-caching, and camping are great ways to enjoy the beauty of nature. Essential Oil First Aid is an easy way to green up your Dr. Mom moments to alignment with your natural side. Here are some simple ways to add the potency of essential oils to your first aid kit. They’re compact, portable and quick acting in bringing the body into balance in a number of situations so you can continue on your path to adventure. Make the most of these valuable tools and become familiar with the ease of their use before you head out for the weekend.

This article was originally published May 2010, updated May 2017.

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This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you have a first aid emergency, get medical attention immediately. 

I knew summer was almost here when my four-year old came in the house with two scraped knees, his brother an hour later with a sliver.  The biggest change I make in first aid supplies this time of year is simply buying more band-aids for my portable oils case.  I also stock up on those instant ice packs from a local sporting goods store.

Have you Greened Up your First Aid Kit Yet?

You’re probably mindful of the foods you  eat,creating a natural first aid kit is just an extension of what you are already doing to be healthy. You can build your own compact first aid kit that is not only more natural, but kid friendly and even helpful in dealing with the stress that mishaps of  life may bring. This Essential Oil First Aid Kit is compact and perfect for taking on trips camping, driving or flying. I’ve made up kits for my kids and husband that have traveled to the Northwood’s Fort Wilderness kid’s camps, India, Ghana, Brazil, Florida Keys and various side trips throughout the States. The 5 & 15ml (equal to 1/2 ounce) bottles of essential oils should be no problem to carry on a flight, although you can verify carry on restrictions with individual airlines before traveling.  My first aid kit is not much more than my Everyday Oils collection –  enough to treat most non-emergency situations in a natural way, some bandaids, antibiotic ointment and an instant ice pack.  How to Stay healthy during travel

Make it Convenient

I always keep a bottle of lavender essential oil in my kitchen where burns happen the most. This amazing oil takes the sting out of 1st and 2nd degree burns within minutes and usually never blisters if you get it on right away. I mix mine with a teaspoon of pure aloe vera and splash onto warm skin. When you add an Essential Oil First Aid Kit to your backpack, make sure you are using quality therapeutic grade oils, preferably food-grade oils that are guaranteed to have no additives or chemicals in them which could actually be harmful if used for first aid. In Spring and Summer I always have Theevs or my Purifying blend nearby for bee and wasp stings. Get it on right away and the pain will be gone within minutes! Here are some common first aid ailments and how we handle them with an everyday essential oils collection:

Always Be Prepared With An Essential Oil First Aid Kit:

Cuts & scrapes cleanse first with water & soap if available.  Apply 1 drop of lavender or Purifying blend oil to wound before covering with a bandaid.  Lavender disinfects and speeds healing.

Bumps & bruisesapply Pain blend to bump, only to unbroken skin for adults and older children. If there is a scrape on the bump, use Frankincense. Frankincense is gentle enough for newborns and toddlers, only if it is the purest therapeutic grade oil. A pure, therapeutic, food grade Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) can be applied undiluted directly on location as long as the skin is not broken or fragile.

Burnsapply lavender to the burn as soon as possible. Lavender stops the inflammation and can immediately start the healing. If you apply one drop and re-apply every few minutes, you may find a blister never even forms. Continue applying lavender (even every 5-10 minutes) until pain subsides. For sunburn, make your own lavender spray.  Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to a 4 ounce glass spray bottle, fill with water or aloe vera and keep in the fridge for cooling relief when sprayed directly on skin.

Cramps, muscle & PMS – apply 1-2 drops diluted peppermint essential oil directly to joints and muscles to support healthy joint and muscle function, to the abdomen for normal changes associated with the menstrual cycle.

Digestive issues including nausea, diarrhea, travel sickness and IBS.  Apply 1-2 drops of diluted peppermint essential oil directly to the abdomen, for children under 3 use a Calming blend or Lavender essential oils.  If using a therapeutic food grade peppermint oil, add a drop to a 16 ounce glass of water and take small sips every 10 minutes until symptoms subside.  Even just applying a drop on the vent of the car as you travel may help ease motion sickness for everyone.

Fever Lavender is cooling and especially effective for calming down children and infants. Peppermint is helpful in calming  those over 5 years of age.  Apply 1-2 drops of your oil of choice to the soles of the feet or along the spine, massaging into the back.  Frankincense can also be added to the lavender or peppermint to enhance a cool, calm effect. When the body is stressed from a fever, essential oils can help calm the mind and body just by breathing in the aroma. Always follow your doctor’s directions for managing a fever.

Headache apply lemon essential oil to the big toe. Peppermint and Theeves may also be helpful.  A Pain blend is another option, applying 1-2 drops to the temples or back of the neck.  Check out my drug-free headache relief post for specifics on techniques for applying the oils.

Insect bites apply Purifying blend directly to mosquito, spider bites and bee stings. Wasp stings lose their ouch with Purifying blend or Immune Boosting (cinnamon/clove/rosemary/lemon/melaleuca alternifolia)  essential oil blends. Apply 1-2 drops directly on sting ASAP and repeat after a minute. Usually you’ll only need a couple applications to stop the venom from spreading. You may find that itching, swelling and inflammation may never even arise.

Itching dilute one drop of lavender with a teaspoon of aloe vera and apply directly to area for a calming splash.

Muscle aches and pulls – apply a Pain Blend essential oil directly to point of tension.  Layer peppermint oil on top to drive Pain blend deeper into tissue. Repeat every hour until discomfort subsides.

Shock – any injury no matter how minor can be traumatic, especially for children. Spruce/rosewood/frankincense is an excellent blend that contains frankincense which helps calm nerves for everyone involved in a first aid situation. Just breathing the aroma of  frankincense can do wonders in bringing about mental clarity in a situation that could be confusing and stressful. Whether it’s a pinched finger in a door or a heavy blow to the head from a baseball, breathing in a Valorous blend can ease the stress response and lessen shock to those in severe situations.

Sinus Congestionapply peppermint essential oil to bridge of nose to support healthy nasal function. For congestion from allergies, apply lavender essential oil to the bridge of the nose.

Stressapply lavender essential oil a Calming blend to the back of the neck, breath aroma in deeply to calm nerves.  Frankincense is especially helpful in chaotic situations when you need to focus and relax.  Apply frankincense to the temples, back of the neck or simply breath in the aroma. Any of these oils may be helpful in severe injury situations and can be inhaled or rubbed on to the soles of the feet on the way to seek medical treatment to calm those involved.

Essential oils are an easy, compact and effective way to deal with non-emergency situations in a natural way.  Add them to your existing first aid kit for natural options that do not expire.  For more information on specific usage in these and other situations, refer to an essential oil desk reference or other aromatherapy guide.  Watch for my next post June 4th,  with recipes for using essential oils for chemical free sunscreen and bug repellant!

This information is for educational use only and Pure Home and Body LLC does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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  1. Sue P June 25, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

    We were enjoying a campfire and the kids were playing with sticks in the flames. Our 5 year old had an ember burn his pointer finger. I applied YL lavender oil directly to the skin, then applied an ice pack. He was done with the ice pack after just a couple of minutes! 10 minutes later he was in the bushes and got a sting on another finger – Purification applied directly to sting. I only had to apply it once more and he was running around playing – having no more pain from either one!

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