The Versatility of Essential Oils

Do you like to practice healthy living principles, pay attention to the ingredients of foods you eat? Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise and get a good nights rest to support healthy immune function? Do you apply those same principles to all the choices you make in health and wellness? I know we are not the norm, but our family rarely needs to use over the counter drugs because we are so healthy. We have a big family and have been fortunate to be pretty healthy for many years. As a consumer, it can be overwhelming reading ingredients on personal care products filled with artificial colors,  flavors and more chemicals than I can count on all my fingers and toes. It’s everything I’ve worked so hard to clean up out of my diet from 20 years ago. Researchers are finding these drugs in our water supplies: birth control meds, antibiotics, mood stabilizers and more. I’m glad the focus in our family is on building strong immune systems, avoiding harmful chemicals when we can and practicing good health routines like eating fruits and veggies, getting plenty of fresh air and exercising regularly.

For me, I like to make natural choices for my family. Essential oils are the wellness tools we’ve used in our family for more than a decade. There are thousands of research studies that show the potential of essential oils to support a healthy, balanced body. A healthy immune system may result in fewer trips to the doc and a couple more bucks in the pocketbook.Therapeutic Essential Oils

If you really want to be green and more natural, create a wellness cabinet that supports a healthy immune system. And start with pure plant materials in essential oils. Now, please don’t run to the health food store and just get any essential oil. Quality matters, and it’s the difference between buying a fruit wrap and expecting it to have all the vitamins of a whole apple. A good quality company grows many of the plants they distill into essential oils and have full quality control over their oils from plant to bottled oil. Unless you have a small local person who does it themselves, the essential oils market mainly consists of distributors who get their oils from any known or unknown source.

The industry has developed into a distribution chain from farmer to scientist manipulating synthetic versions and adding it to a small amount of pure oil and still calling it a Pure Essential oil. When an oil is diluted or synthesized, it’s performance will be little if anything more than a psychological boost. Unfortunately there is no regulation in place to protect consumers from handing over their hard earned cash for a cool looking bottle of oil that will not perform like true essential oils were meant to. All that said, if you are going to trade out over the counter drugs for essential oils then make sure you get them from a quality source  who has proven their purity and potency for many  years. Most recently, some high quality essential oil companies have run out of stock of some of their essential oils. A good company will not sacrifice the quality of their oils with inferior oils or additives. True essential oils come from plant material and if the supply runs out before the next growing season, a company with integrity will not substitute with synthetics or perfume grade oils. So, we are making due with what we have for now, and make sure to have those alternatives on hand when the need arises again.

Essential oils are versatile and very precious when you have a good quality oil. Some companies produce the highest grade of essential oils that are also food grade. They are so pure, you can eat them. Now don’t get confused with food flavorings, these are not the same. Some essential oil companies even put synthetic vanilla in their oils to make them smell better, or add other scents. This is not aromatherapy, it is marketing and the purest oils are very really valuable and versatile. True Lemon essential oil is powerful.  Lemon essential oil for example, has historically been used in Ayuervedic practice to break up mucous  (reference),  been researched against hospital acquired infections (reference), it’s safe for  small children , softens your feet, and YES, flavors your water.  Your lemon oil is versatile and has many uses, it will not just sit on the shelf becoming expired but you will have many varying opportunities to use it. Natural ingredients support a healthy immune system

Essential oils are Cost Effective. When compared by single use. Yes, it’s hard to start looking at pricing differently, to spend $25 for a quality bottle of lavender essential oil. But that one bottle of lavender is about .10 per drop.  Have you ever bought an outfit for a special event? Let’s use the classic “bridesmaid dress” as an example.  The said dress cost $100 initially (and the bride swore you’d be able to wear it again 🙂  ), but you really only wear it 2 times (once to the wedding and once to a Halloween party before you finally surrendered it to Goodwill), so it cost $50 per use. If you bought a quality pair of shoes that cost $100 and you wear them every day for a year (lets round off numbers to about 300 days), those shoes would cost about .33 cents per use.  We have added lavender & frankincense to our regime to save money, because we use them right down to the last drop, if we had only used 2 drops of our Lavender bottle, each drop would cost us $12.50, right? 

Essential Oils should last a long time if they are cared for properly. There are differing points of view on this, some say that essential oils expire others say they do not. I personally have a rose oil that is over 15 years old and still smells great. I suppose one might argue that the energy has degraded, but until we have equipment readily available to determine this it really is a slippery slope. Essential oils will degrade if they are subjected to heat and oxygen. They will  also break down if you touch the cap of a bottle every time you use it. Citrus oils do break down sooner and might smell a little off. If that happens, just use the remaining oil to clean your bathroom sink, the tub or the toilet. Just toss a couple of drops in the bowl while rinsing and let the aroma drift into your home.

Have you invested in Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Yet? You can get all 10 of these oils as an investment in Wellness rather than costs for repairing a sick body, your home will be greener and our environment will have fewer chemicals in it. Aromatherapy can be overwhelming and the materials are potent.

It’s important to have someone who can guide you through using the oils safely and effectively. When you purchase your oils through a knowledgeable distributor, you are getting wellness coaching with that product. Some people argue that Therapeutic Grade oils are expensive, but if compared to other essential oil  sources their prices are not that much different. When you work with a distributor directly, you should get good product support,  products come with a person and an identity, they are not just a distributor of oils.  A good essential oil company will nurture the plants they distill into oils, they distill those plants on location at their farms and test their oils through that distillation process to ensure potent, pure oils. When you visit Pure Home and Body you’ll learn ways to trade out the garbage for the good stuff. It’s the difference between going to the outlet mall for a knock-off or going to the source and really learning how to make the best use of your investment. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. If you have a medical condition, see a medical doctor.


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