How to Really Save Money on Health Care Costs

Are you investing in your health or just spending money on treating symptoms?  The difference in these two philosophies is you pay now in healthy living or you pay later at the doctor’s office.  In our family, we have chosen to invest in our health – organic, whole foods, vitamins, essential oils, toxin free home & personal care items exercise and an active lifestyle.  I am choosing to put money into areas that will keep our immune systems strong and as a result, it has been years since anyone has been on antibiotics (2009 when one of my kids came down with strep throat ).  The few times we go to the doctor is for physicals to get paperwork up to date and to keep a relationship going with a family doctor in case an emergency should arise.  I’m thankful we spend zero dollars on prescriptions every year and I can put that money into wholesome  foods and high quality personal and home care ingredients.

“Natural” Means Nothing  Buyer Beware! There is a caveat to “healthy living”:  there are a lot of products claiming to be “natural” and many are filled with toxic chemicals that many people are trying to avoid.  A study at the  University of Minnesota found many products listed as “healthy” tainted with pharmaceuticals, the biggest offenders were weight loss, sexual enhancement and body building supplements.   Read labels and go with a name brand you trust.  If a product promises unrealistic results or with no effort on your part to change your lifestyle it may be too good to be true and probably will be a waste of your money.

Viewpoint Switching to healthier living requires changing your perspective. Someone once mentioned they could not afford essential oils. At first glance they do seem expensive when you look at packaging size which is pretty small.  In the U.S. we are used to buying chemical loaded products filled with water in big packages to make us  feel like we are getting our money’s worth.   Organic foods might seem more expensive, but so are convenient, nutritionless foods  used as entertainment.   The truth is if you compare apples to apples the healthy products win out by far.  Plus, some healthy options like Therapeutic Grade essential oils have been around for thousands of years and are still used in other cultures today, keeping people healthy without chemicals. For what they offer, essential oils are really economical.   Let’s look at a bottle of food grade lemon essential oil that costs $12 for a 15ml bottle.  This little bottle contains the equivalent of 250 bottles of synthetic vitamin flavored water, or can make 15 bottles of cough syrup.  Obviously the savings is with the essential oil – in dollars and in health value.

Where is your money going for healthcare? I thought I had gotten rid of most of the “drugs” in my medicine cabinet and to my surprise the other day I found some  unused products.  They were all expired, the oldest one a brand new bottle of indigestion medicine  that expired in 2005, another a tube of “anti-itch” medication that never worked.  And honestly, I was so thankful to toss out the chemical, red colored acetaminophen syrup for my kids that I never had to use.  So let me ask you,

Where is the savings in unused – expired – chemical filled products?  You might even think I’m extreme in saying you should factor in the potential cost of Chemo, ADD drugs, Anti-depressents, Thyroid medication, anti-biotics, name your medication.  Whenever you use drugs with additives, colors and products with unknown or harmful ingredients and packaged foods with controversial additives you are increasing your risk of  future health problems.   I can also say it’s a lot more fun spending money in the health food store and farmer’s markets than the local pharmacy ( becoming as common as those golden arch fast food restaurants). Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a place for modern medicine and doctors have made great strides in tackling serious health issues for many people. But for many, using over the counter drugs are an everyday occurrence. Are they for you?

Do you want to be healthier but don’t know where to begin? Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”  What are you trying to change in your life?  health? weight? energy? less toxins?   There are essential oils that can help with all of these issues and more.  The great thing is the essential oils are versatile, many are antibacterial and they don’t expire (unless they have chemicals or fillers in them).  You can use peppermint oil for joint and muscle pain, headaches, energy, cold sores, fevers and more.  Each essential oil can replace dozens of chemical products that have 1  use.  Are you ready to clean out your medicine cabinet and invest in products that will support your immune system?  I’m glad I’ve made the transition to investing in our health and I can help you do the same.    Start by picking up your free copy of my eBook, The Seven Habits of Healthy People. This book goes beyond diet and exercise to get you moving towards changing your perspectives and moving you towards changes that will last a lifetime!

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