Healthy Girl’s Champagne

Kick the Soda Habit This natural champagne is a great alternative to sugary soda. If you’re trying to kick the soda habit, this is a simple trade you can try to wean yourself off the carbonated beverages. No added sugars and nothing artificial!essential oils and sparkling water

The holidays are often a time of overindulgence with plenty of celebrating, rich foods and drinks.  We know the right foods to eat, but why is it so tempting to dive into those beautiful desserts, appetizers and special dishes? Is that making you hungry right now?  Ok, don’t go to the fridge! Stay with me here :).  We know that in excess, these things not only add unwanted pounds but can accelerate the signs of aging. There are some great non-alcoholic options to choose from so you can save your spirits for really special occasions.  You’ll sleep better, wake refreshed and stay on track with being healthier this season when you substitute this healthy champagne for traditional cocktails.

The foundation of the champagne is just sparkling water.  Soda Stream now makes it possible for you to add carbonation to your tap water if you choose, just make sure you don’t use city tap water which is not necessarily a pure option.  I like San Pellegrino, partly because I love all things European, and  glass bottles. The “champagne goes together very quickly:

Add 1 drop of  citrus essential oil to your glass champagne flute: tangerine, orange, lemon or grapefruit.

Add garnishes like organic cranberries or twists of lime, lemon or orange. 

Then pour in your sparkling water to mix it all together. 

You could even add a couple drops of agave nectar or stevia to the glass bottom before adding the water to sweeten your drink for a pure, refreshing spritzer.

The options are endless and you can customize the flavors to fit your personal taste for the moment. You could even bring along a bottle of San Pellegrino or Perrier and a bottle of  Therapeutic Grade  food grade Tangerine, Orange or Lemon as a gift for your hosts this season. Whatever combination you choose, the citrus essential oils work to gently detoxify your system and will give your taste buds a boost.  Many citrus oils naturally lift your spirits versus alcohol which is a depressant, so you’ll be giving your psyche a lift too when you choose to go healthy for the holidays or all year long.

1 drop of citrus oil will infuse 8-16 ounces of sparkling water~

Optional garnishes:

  • fresh, organic cranberries
  • lemon, lime, orange twist
  • fresh pomegranate seeds

1 tsp agave nectar for a sweet drink (optional)


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