Essential Oils for Tension Headaches

In our family we have chosen to try these drug-free options for headache relief, simply because I’d rather save harsh drugs like ibuprofen as a last resort to pain relief.  We have managed headaches and many other aches and pains with essential oils and avoided potential kidney and liver damage from overuse of questionable ingredients in over the counter drugs. My favorite therapeutic essential oils are : Lemon essential oil, Pain Blend essential oil, Peppermint essential oil & a Natural Progessence blend essential oil. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA, I am not a medical doctor and am not diagnosing, treating or prescribing any medications.  If you suffer from chronic headaches, see a doctor for medical treatment! This is for entertainment purposes only.  Enjoy!

Another way we manage headaches in our family is with some simple exercises. Try some of these the next time you start to feel a headache come on and maybe you can save the medications for more intense situations. Cold compresses and retreating to a quiet place when possible may also be helpful. Find what works for you and do it before the pain gets out of control.

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